best running shoes for high arches
01 Jun
Adam Marzheuser

Your feet are the first point of contact with the floor for almost your entire workout.  That makes them the base of support and a very crucial point in the human body in regards to balance and stability.  If they don’t have the support they need, not only is your performance compromised, but you also are increasing your chances of suffering potential injuries as well.  So to be blunt: your shoes matter!

First off, research and development have gone into designing shoes for specific activities and lifestyles.  Running shoes normally have more cushioning built into the heel and midfoot to reduce the impact on your heels; some running shoes have slim soles to mimic the natural curve of your foot.  Weightlifting shoes, however, don’t have cushioning, and instead, have a fairly flat sole to encourage better balance.  This increases the stability in the heel which is key for lifting.

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Second, how long and how often do you wear your shoes?  If you haven’t gotten new shoes in a few years, it may be time.  Worn out shoes can abnormally shift your weight, potentially causing pain in your feet and legs, and could lead to injury.  Also, it isn’t a good idea to wear your gym shoes for casual everyday use.  You place different wear patterns on shoes during different activities.  This could lead to premature aging of the shoes or warping the soles and making the shoes no longer as effective in exercise as they have been.

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Third, make sure the shoe fits!  If your shoe is too loose, well, then it would be quite easy for your shoe to fly loose and you’d lose support during your run.  as well, if it’s too tight, your feet don’t receive proper circulation and the tendons around your ankle tighten up, decreasing the flexibility in the joints themselves.  Leaving a half inch between the tip of your toe and the shoe’s tip is a good way to tell if the shoe size is a great fit for you personally.

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Now, I’m not saying we should all become like Carrie Bradshaw and have an entire closet dedicated to shoes.  I’m merely advising that you have the proper footwear for your most frequent activities.  If there is a particular form of exercise you prefer, such as weightlifting, running, basketball, or hiking, then make sure your wearing shoes that will boost your performance, support your feet, and will prevent potential injuries from likely happening from contact between your feet and the ground.  Colors and styles are entirely up to you as an individual.

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