Snaking flexibility
19 May
Jennifer Gibson

There is a lot of controversy about what a snack is or should be. 

Does it have to be packaged and easy to travel? No, depends on your day and situation.

Does it need to be in a certain calorie range? Work with your coach to establish your macros and make sure your daily targets are met.

Does it have to be a GRANOLA BAR?!?! Absolutely NOT. In fact most of the time you are better served not having a granola bar.

What’s the best way for you to take charge of your snacking? MAKE STUFF FROM HOME and know your nutrition goals.

First, here are my top tips for snacking well:

  1. Plan – Plan for days when everything goes right as well as when everything goes wrong.
  2. Remove the garbage and temptations – If it’s not convenient, you are less likely to turn to the items you should avoid (ie. the sugar and chemical filled processed chips and cookies)
  3. Keep several options available – Have a variety of ready to grab options stocked to suit any craving or situation.
  4. Think outside the snack box – Your snack is a mini meal, balance it with protein, fat and carbs.

What do I mean by plan for the good and bad? It’s easy to follow your plan on the good days. Everything happens when it’s supposed to and your meals are ready just like planned. Let’s be honest though, how often does that happen in real life. More often than not you face situations like running late, kids won’t cooperate, get stuck in traffic, or meetings / appointments take longer than expected. Life happens! Are you going to let every hiccup derail your healthy eating journey? NO is the only correct answer because your health and longevity is worth it.

This is where my tips come into play. Use your tracker to plan your meals and snacks based on what you know your day will be but also have a contingency plan. Don’t get caught hitting the Chick-fil-A drive-thru because your daughter’s softball game runs into dinner time. Flexibility is key. When life happens and you need to PIVOT, make sure you have alternative options. Stock up on things that are easy to grab-and-go and travel friendly (ie. eating in the car).

Click HERE FOR A VIDEO of my go-to quick grab faves!

  1. Paleovalley beef and turkey sticks
  2. Bada Bean Bada Boom broad beans
  3. Plantain chips
  4. Popcorn (snack bags or pre portioned)
  5. Bulletproof Collagen bars
  6. Brami Lupini snacking beans and hummus
  7. Unsweetened dried cranberries and nuts

These options can be kept in your car / bag or easily grabbed as you run out the door.

Why is removing the temptation so important? First of all, if it’s not part of your nutrition plan, it shouldn’t be in the house. We all need to eat less processed food and one of the best ways to do that is make things yourself. You get to control what ingredients are included, how much sugar is involved and best of all, leave out the garbage (chemical additives).

So what can you make?

  1. Chia seed pudding
  2. Overnight oats
  3. Baked oatmeal cups
  4. Granola bars
  5. Protein balls/bars
  6. Hemp/ chia noats


Thinking outside the snack box can open you up to a world of variety. Take what you would eat for one of your main meals and eat a smaller portion. For example, 2 ounces of chicken with quinoa and carrots. Or take a couple slices of Applegate turkey slices, spread some hummus on it and roll it around some bell peppers. Make an egg and veggie muffin for an easy heat and eat snack.

Go forth and become a snack connoisseur! What’s your favorite snack and what is something new you plan to try?

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