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29 Apr
Ian Butler

As we enter May 2021, a lot of gyms (CrossFit especially) start training for a Memorial Day Workout know as “Murph”. The workout is in honor of Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, a U.S. Navy Seal who was killed in action during operation Red Wings in Afghanistan.


“Murphy was killed on 28 June 2005 after he left his cover position and went to a clearing away from the mountains, exposing himself to a hail of gunfire in order to get a clear signal to contact headquarters for relaying the dire situation and requesting immediate support for his team. He dropped the satellite phone after being shot multiple times but picked the phone back up and finished the call. While being shot he signed off saying “Thank You”, then continued fighting from his exposed position until he died from his wounds.”

In his honor, the workout looks like this:

1- Mile Run




1-Mile Run

*All while wearing a 20lbs weight vest.

A client and I have been training for this for 3 weeks. As we enter May we have 30 days of workouts left. The picture below is a sample of todays workout, which took about 40 mins. We have broken up the different exercises to focus on form and moving efficiently.

This is a great workout in general as it is all “functional” movements. Meaning the exercises incorporate movements we all do every day. Adding this into your fitness program will greatly increase your strength, mobility, balance and overall endurance. Give it a try!

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