Great Home Recovery Tools
21 May
Adam Marzheuser

What is something people tend to overlook on their health and wellness journey?  They watch their food like hawks.  They leave sweat on the gym floor after a grueling workout.  What’s left for them to do?  The answer: RECOVER!

Without proper recovery, tension and chances of injury increase and we can experience muscle pain longer.  The best practices of recovery include plenty of stretching, sufficient sleep, and massage.  For some of us, access to a massage therapist may not be easy, either due to availability or finances.  To solve this problem, tools have been created for people to provide self-massage at home.

One particular tool is call the Acu-Ball.  Designed by a chiropractor in Canada, this ball comes with spikes that can apply acupressure to sore muscles while the user rolls around to provide a stretch in the tissue and encourage release of tension.  Conveniently portable, as well as HEATABLE, the ball can be used in many places on the body with the user in control of the amount of pressure.

Acuball Mini

Another great tool to have is a massage gun, like the Theragun.  This percussive instrument comes with multiple heads to change the distribution of pressure on sore muscle tissue and can be held in your hand as you run it over tense areas on the body.  With an easy grip, and adjustable speeds, you can provide self-recovery while watching your favorite primetime TV or even during your workouts.


While nothing can compare to the feeling you get after a professional massage, these are some great tools to have at home and provide self-recovery.  They will help relieve muscle pain, reduce tension and keep your body recovering at its best while you train at your best.

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