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05 Apr
Jason Long

When I look over the list of thousands of people I’ve had the honor to support and help in their fitness and wellness journey, few people stand out like this guy!

I was introduced to Steven through one of ongoing Weight Loss Challenges when he joined as a participant in an effort to make some changes in his health. Not only did Steven become someone I enjoyed chatting with weekly, but he became a leader in the group, inspiring others in his own journey, and crushing the competition as a top performer in the challenge.

Later, Steven began popping into more and more of our training opportunities, and when COVID hit, there were lots of reasons he needed to dive deeper into his own journey and focus on staying healthy. You see, Steven’s full time career (for now) is funeral director and mortician in Baltimore Maryland. Understandably, COVID brought on a lot of added stress and work, but Steven stayed focused on his journey and came to our Virtual Classes every single day, plugging into the healthy virtual community we’ve created.

Fast forward a few more months, and I’m honored to say that Steven has become one of my dearest and closest friends. We chat almost daily via text, and at every class I teach, Steven is first to jump in the room and talk about our day with his genuine concern and compassion.

However, what I’m most excited about is that through this journey, much like myself and many of my clients, Steven has found a true calling and passion for helping others in their journey, and has begun his education in the industry as well, working towards a yoga certification.

I’m so excited to see Steven grow and blossom into an inspiration to so many other members in our virtual gym fitness community, and I can’t wait for him to have his certifications complete and begin sharing his love and passion with the world through his own classes.

I truly am honored and grateful to have been part of Steven’s journey, and can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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