Keygan Miller
06 Apr
Jen Jaxon

If you need some motivation and inspiration, look no further! Keygan Miller is a FORCE to be reckoned with. Smart, funny and dedicated, Keygan not hitting their goals is inconceivable. Once Keygan sets their mind to something, then consider it done. They show up every single day and work so hard!

It is such a pleasure to watch the growth and change happen in Keygan’s world and all because of their own hard work and dedication. You can count on Keygan to show up for class and work hard every day. If anyone on our team needs a hand or maybe some encouragement, you can almost hear Keygan say “as you wish” and they are right there when you need them.

Even in the midst of a side quest, with 80 miles to run in 10 days, Keygan STILL showed up to 7 am class, ready work and not a complaint to be found. They just dug deep and did the work, listening to their body and modifying where needed. Color me impressed. As a trainer, I LOVE when people know when and how far to push themselves. It means they’ve been listening and learning.

Most of all I am so proud of Keygan for being authentically who they are every single day. It is truly my honor to train someone so dedicated, so willing to learn embrace positive change. I am thrilled to get to work with and work out with Keygan every single day.

Jen Jaxon

My fitness journey became my passion for helping others and my career. 12 years ago, I was just like you. I was struggling to lose weight and keep it off. I was out of shape and unhappy. One day I realized I was way too young to feel as old as I did and I decided to make a change. My mission to lose weight and get healthy became a desire to help others do the same. I became a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Master Nutrition Coach. Over the years I have helped over 1000 people find their way and I am here to help you do the same. I can’t wait to work with you.


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