Kenny Roraback and Kevin kitth
16 Feb
Jason Long

Even when you work inside a gym facility, there’s always that handful of members you see every single day who bring you joy and put a huge smile on your face. So in a virtual fitness community, it’s incredible when you have members who can do that day in and day out over virtual space.

Well before we started our online gym, www.ChangeYourLife.fit, Kenny Roraback has been an avid member of just about everything we’ve ever done in our pursuit to help friends and family get healthy. A fixture in our outdoor Fit Camps in Washington, DC, Kenny was a reliable Saturday morning participant, not just because he lived just a block away, but because he was always up for sweating it out with everyone and cheering people on each week.

After we moved those fit camps online, Kenny still showed up. Always with a smile and usually with something funny to add, his presence in classes was just as much fun as it was inspiring, as Kenny always pushes himself with every set and exercise, really helping everyone get better results.

But it was especially fun when Kenny added his best friend and roommate to the classes. Kevin, the adorable kitty here in the picture, is always an active participant in class, and almost always makes his appearance in the class group photo just to prove he was there.

Kenny is not just a fun member to have in classes, but he’s also one of the more dedicated and inspiring members in our family. Sometimes making it to two classes per day, Kenny hasn’t let the pandemic or any other excuse get in the way of his healthy lifestyle; something we all can aspire to.

Please help use show our gratitude and love to Kenny Roraback!

And to join Kenny and others in our LIVE group fitness classes, or to try out some of recorded classes in our On Demand library with over 100 hours of fitness, check out our community: www.ChangeYourLife.fit

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