Dawn Greenwood
07 May
Jason Long

In my nearly 30 year career in the fitness and nutrition industry I’ve come across thousands and thousands of gym members and personal clients. I vowed may years ago that I would see each of those people exactly where they are in their own journey, and do my job to encourage them no matter what their next steps might be.

But there are just some clients that make a huge lasting impression on me from the start, and Dawn Greenwood did just that. I didn’t know Dawn at all, but I was invited to share my own journey on a podcast with a good friend who specializes in decluttering your life (you should check out Leanne Pruett and Let’s Ace Your Space if that’s an area you need to address!) and Dawn is one of Leanne’s friends and podcast listeners.

After that podcast, Dawn took advantage of my FREE 30 Day Fitness Transformation Series I offered to the group and immediately became a dedicated student. After completing the series, Dawn scheduled a call with me, where we had a fantastic chat and discovered some of her health concerns and why she was so determined to improve her health.

It wasn’t long before Dawn jumped feet first into my coaching programs. First, she entered my Weight Loss Challenge, and then decided to join the Virtual Gym to begin taking LIVE group classes regularly. This was all happening during the worst pandemic in modern history, while me and everyone else in the fitness industry were scrambling to find ways to continuing helping clients like Dawn.

It didn’t matter to Dawn what roadblocks we encountered or what technology trip hazards got in her way, she was always willing to work harder at getting healthy than making excuses about the challenges we were all facing. Dawn was one of the most instrumental supporters as we built and developed the structure and format for www.ChangeYourLIfe.fit and has been a founding members with us from the start.

If you come to classes, you’re likely to run into Dawn at anytime as she attends at least two LIVE classes every single day, and on days she can’t make it, she’s always scanning our On Demand Library for her favorite classes or a class she just missed.

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I love popping on Zoom and seeing Dawn’s face in class every day. And I love seeing just how far she’s come in her own journey to stay healthy. When I hear from clients and friends who complain about not having the energy, the time, or just feel too tired, I always want to share Dawn’s story. She doesn’t let anything get in her way of staying healthy, and she makes no excuses when she misses class. We couldn’t ask for a better member and friend to be part of our virtual fitness community.

Everyone give Dawn your biggest shout out!

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