Naked Pea Protein
21 May
Jason Long

For over 12 years now, I’ve had a high protein meal replacement smoothie for breakfast, every single day.  Maybe a few days on vacation I skipped it, but I can honestly say that when I don’t start my day with something healthy, full of vitamins and minerals, balanced macros (fats, proteins, and carbs) then my day seems to struggle.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I’ve also tried and tested nearly every single product out there. And I’m constantly looking at new products coming out so that I can be educated for my clients. As a self proclaimed “Nutrition Nerd” I’m obsessed with reading labels. And I’m equally obsessed with trying to find products that not only fit my nutritional needs, but also products that I can recommend to clients of all types. 

I came across this particular vegan pea protein source on a social media ad.  Yes, because I stalk nutrition products and companies, my feed is covered with products. But this one caught my eye.  Why? Well let’s take a closer look at what Naked Nutrition has to offer.

The first thing I look at when researching a product is main ingredients list.  I’ve tried hundreds of products, and although some tasted great and the label made them sound amazing, the ingredients list is all the info I need to make a better judgment.  In these products, they’ve stripped them down to just the bare needs.  Protein, flavor, and sweetener.  But the difference is what they use!

In most of the big names in the supplement industry, you’ll find plenty of the same stuff; whey protein, pea protein, and a list of the same basic ingredients.  But what you have to watch out for is those added ingredients that you likely have no idea how to pronounce, much less what they actually are.  Things like sucralose, erythritol, and acesulfame, (which I talk about a lot in my nutrition seminars) fill these products in an effort to help them taste better.  But what are they exactly? That’s another post all together.  Just know these are chemicals and artificial sweeteners that do various things in your body, most of them not desirable.  Not to mention, these things usually contribute to extreme bloat and gas.  So maybe it’s not your protein that’s causing the bloat!

But not Naked Nutrition! These products are literally NAKED! Check out that label.


Naked Pea Protein Ingredients Label
Naked Pea Protein Ingredients Label

But what about the full nutrition label? You can bet I scanned that thing pretty thoroughly.  And what I found was literally one of the most balanced, healthy, and clean sources of plant based protein powder. 


Naked Pea Nutrition Label
Naked Pea Nutrition Label

With a full serving providing 25 grams of healthy vegan protein and only 3 added sugars, this protein hits all the marks for me and my sensitive digestive system.  And the only two other ingredients, organic cacao powder and organic coconut sugar, this protein source just moved way up my list!

So how does it taste?

That’s usually the part that turns most people away from protein powders.  Bodybuilders and fitness people will say that you get use to the chalky, cardboard flavor of protein powder, but again, as someone who has been drinking these things for over 12 years, I can never get use to a mouth full of chalk dust.

So I substituted this protein in my morning shake and made it exactly how I always do, sans my usual protein powder. I don’t consume much dairy, so the Silk brand oat milk is my go-to for liquid base.  Then I need more than just protein so I add my all time favorite meal replacement, Herbalife24 Sport chocolate.  This simple combo has been my shake for many years, and I LOVE everything about it.


My Morning Shake
My Morning Shake – Silk oat milk, Herbalife24 Sport chocolate, and Naked Pea chocolate

So will Naked Nutrition’s Naked Pea pass the taste test?



Well, it’s hard to taste it from the video, but I can assure you, this protein hits all the marks for me!  Simple, organic ingredients, no added crap, the taste and texture are amazing, and best of all, no bloat or gas. 

Great job Naked Nutrition!  I’ll be trying all of their product lines soon, and then report back here to let you know exactly what to expect. 


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