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Yoga Recovery for Athletes 90%
Yoga Sculpt 80%
Other Group Fitness 80%
Active Aging Training 90%
I’m Stephanie Fiore, Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor

About Me

Stephanie Fiore is a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist. She led various fitness classes in the DC area for over 12 years before her recent relocation to Los Angeles. She teaches a range of classes with ChangeYourLife.fit, including HIIT, power yoga, and a recovery-focused class. Stephanie looks forward to working with you in and outside of her classes!

Stephanie started taking yoga classes in college to mitigate scoliosis-related back pain, and fell deep into the fitness world. No regrets! During the day, Stephanie works on digital health policy initiatives and hands over her exercise area to her two large canines.

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s Live Group Class list, and search for her personal library of On Demand Fitness Classes.

Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Experience Counts

American Council on Exercise (ACE): Group Fitness, Senior Fitness Specialist
Enthusiast, Advocate, and full-time nerd, Digital Health Policy
YogaFit Levels I, II, and III. BodyPump. Mat Pilates

What I Offer

Programs PT and Yoga female

Personal Training Packages

  • Single Session
  • 4-Pack Performance
  • 8-Pack Progress
  • and 12-Pack Pure Results

Specialized training in mobility & stretching, as well as Pilates 1:1 sessions.
Bodyweight and mini-band training for low impact yoga/pilates style workouts.
Specialized training for the Active Aging Community 60+
Safely and conveniently provided right here in our virtual community.

Group Fitness Classes

  • Yoga and Recovery for Athletes
  • Sculpt and Pilates
  • Active Aging Training
  • Variety of other Group Fitness Classes

With a strong background in mobility, recovery, and yoga, many of the classes offered target areas most everyone needs.  Whether building lean muscle, losing weight, or simply staying active and healthy, making time for active recovery and mobility work is essential.

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