Perfecting the Pec Fly
20 Aug
Adam Marzheuser

Angles Matter – Perfecting Your Pec Fly

In resistance training exercises, the angles of movement and joints are crucial! In the Pec Fly, it's easy to use...
Time to call Jennifer
04 Aug
Jennifer Gibson

Are you overweight, over fat or both?

Are you overweight, over fat or both? Do you know the difference? How do you know which category you fall into?
How to keep knees pain free
01 Jul
Adam Marzheuser

Best exercises and practices for knee pain

The knee is the biggest joint in the body and used every day when we walk, jump, run, etc.  This leaves...
15 Jun
Adam Marzheuser

Core Work: It’s NOT All About Crunches!

When someone says "Build a stronger core," what comes to mind? Is it just hundreds of crunches? Because the...
Pancakes for any meal
11 Jun
Jennifer Gibson
best running shoes for high arches
01 Jun
Adam Marzheuser

Why Your Shoes Matter In Exercise

Having the right shoes could make your exercises better. The wrong shoes could spell disaster. Which do you have...
Breakfast humor
01 Jun
Jennifer Gibson

A new take on hash for breakfast – it’s not potatoes

Who doesn't love a good hash for breakfast lunch or dinner? Why not try a new variation on the traditional potato.
Naked Pea Protein
21 May
Jason Long

Let’s Get Naked

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I've also tried and tested nearly every single product out there. I came across this particular...

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