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13 May
Jennifer Gibson

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said that to me. Most of the time I “Ha Ha Ha” it off but what I’m really thinking is “what makes you think I am so motivated?” Let me tell you right here and now, I am more often not motivated.

If it’s not motivation, it must be lots of willpower, right?

Willpower is a muscle you must train but you can only sustain so much. No one has an infinite supply of willpower to steer them in the right direction. Start by taking some of the need to use willpower out of the equation. Remove temptations so you don’t have to use willpower to stay on track. Set yourself up for success from the start.

When it comes to eating healthy, temptations are everywhere and they will tax your available willpower quick. Don’t have the things that tempt you readily available. Throw out the chips and cookies for Pete’s sake. If you overindulge on healthy things too, pre-portion servings out so you can’t mindlessly eat the whole bag. If you are always struggling to not eat the donuts in the break room at work or finish the pizza your kids leave on their plate, it’s best to take away some of the other times during the day that you have to rely on willpower to make the better choice.

You may not suffer from food sensitivities which force you to remove certain types of food from your diet. I can speak from personal experience it doesn’t make it easier knowing your body will revolt if you eat that bread from the bread basket. You still want it and sometimes cave in. Learn from my mistakes “put the bread down”.

Once again if that’s the only time in your day that you have to use willpower to keep from eating something, it’s gonna be a lot easier to say no and eat the food that aligns with your goals.

What about working out? What keeps me going when the struggle bus arrives? Habit and determination. That’s mostly it. When that wanes, a community of people holding me accountable makes a big difference. If someone is expecting to see you or workout with you, you are much less likely to blow it off.

I won’t lie…being an instructor helps a lot too. I have others who put their trust in me to lead them through an awesome workout and I aim to please. But what about the days that I don’t teach class. I procrastinate, get busy with the kids, I find other things to do and honestly, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Most of the time the habit of working out certain days of the week gets me to do something no matter how short it is.

Here are some tips to help make your workout a habit:
Schedule your work out in your calendar or planner.
Have a workout buddy (or several).
Share your workouts on social media and with friends and family.
Find something you enjoy doing (ie. swimming, hiking, dancing, etc).
Have your workout clothes prepped and ready no matter what time of day you work out.
Get some really cute leggings that you enjoy wearing. Its always more fun when you love the clothes you’re in.
When you still don’t feel like it, just start anyway and you’ll likely finish the full workout. Even if you only do 10 mins, you’ll be so much happier you did something.

Your workout is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be an hour long high intensity session. A 10 minute walk around your neighborhood is better than nothing. Using the tips above are great steps to getting the habit ingrained in your body and lifestyle. Yes, sometimes you’re going to miss a work out and that’s OK. One missed workout won’t ruin your progress. Don’t let it send you on a negative spiral of poor eating and not moving your body.

How determined are you to make a healthy lifestyle your norm? Start with figuring out your deeper why. Check out THIS podcast for some tips. 

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