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January Seminar with trainers

8 Steps to Staying on Track in 2022

Setting goals and making plans isn’t the hard part for most people when it comes to starting off a new year.  Sticking to those goals and staying on track with our efforts is always the hard part.  Join our team of expert coaches for their biggest tips on staying motivated and sticking to your plan this new year.

How do I set achievable goals

What tools can I use to help stay on track

How do I create new habits and stick to them

What happens when I fall off the wagon

What's the #1 tip the pros use to stay motivated



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With 30+ years of experience in the gym industry, we set out to create everything you like about the gym in a virtual experience without all the things you don’t like.

Starting with top notch instructors and trainers, we provide the best resources for all your fitness and nutrition needs to help you change your life and stay motivated in your healthy active lifestyle journey.

What makes us unique is our FREE social platform allowing you to connect with members and trainers to learn from and encourage each other.

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Is the membership always free?

ABSOLUTELY!  We want you to have access to all the information and tools necessary to reach your health and wellness goals.  Much like any social media platform, sharing ideas, commenting and supporting each other, and connecting with other people in your similar journey are integral parts of how "social fitness" should work.  Sure, if you need more individual help or would like to join some of our classes, those can be purchased, but we're giving away so much, you may never need to pay a gym membership again!

If I'd like more help, how do I decide what's best for me?

The preferred trainers in our family are certified, experienced, and mentored by some of the top fitness pros in the industry. We work together as a team, so feel free to reach out to any of the preferred trainers and ask questions. If you need more help, schedule a FREE consultation with any of us, and we'll help guide you to the best solution in reaching your goals.

How can I invite other friends and family to join me?

SUPER SIMPLE! This social fitness platform is FREE to anyone.  Just send them to the site and encourage them to sign up for their FREE membership. You might even recieve some bonus gift for referring them!

If I'm a trainer but not part of the team, can I still join?

We LOVE having trainers join us, so feel free to sign up and explore our platform. We do ask that if you plan to help members and offer services that you abide by our community rules and join the team of preferred trainers. This helps us offer the best programs and assure our members are getting the help they deserve. Check out the Become A Trainer section!

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