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13 May
Adam Marzheuser

Pushing exercises, particularly Push-ups or bench Press, are an essential part of any workout program. However, there is one particular issue that occurs frequently in many people’s training. What is the best elbow placement during the push?

Many people are either taught or led to believe that to get the most out of your push, you need to have your elbows in line with your shoulders so your arms go out in a “T.” This position is incorrect and only puts the exerciser at risk of developing serious issues in the shoulders as well as down the arms.

To best protect your shoulders, and keep the work primarily in the chest muscles, simply lower your elbows below your shoulders. This simple change will open the space between your arm and the side of your ribs inside the shoulder cavity.

This simple mechanism is applicable to all levels of the push-up or bench press. No matter if you’re using an incline, decline, or more advanced levels of the push-up or bench press, it is vital that you protect your shoulders to prevent injury and to continue training.

More evidence in support of this can be found at HERE!

So keep a good mix of pushing exercises in your training repertoire, including the timeless push-up. Just be sure to set up your body in proper placement, including your elbows and arms, before you begin any movement in the exercise.

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