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28 Feb
Jason Long
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Back by very popular demand, but so much better than ever before…

We are super excited to announce the next WLC starting on Tuesday, April 6th with our very first group call and Welcome to all challengers at 7pm EDT.

This new and improved challenge will be lots of hard work, but taken just one simple step at a time. With this proven plan that has helped over 6000+ clients achieve amazing results, you will finally stop the dieting roller coaster and learn the real steps to living a healthy active lifestyle, once and for all.

Hang tight as we get everyone registered and get to work on your very first lesson in the challenge. You’ll need to complete each step as it becomes available so that you can access the calls each week.

Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of notification from the site, and easy simple access to your materials right here in the challenge. Plus, the zoom calls for each week are listed right here, so there’s literally no way to get lost.

Let’s get started!

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