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18 Mar
Jason Long

I LOVE squash, especially spaghetti squash. SUPER versatile and you can flavor it a million different ways. But getting into that thing and cooking it can leave you with a few less fingers if you’re not careful. I have a solution for you that is so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along.
Did you know you can roast the ENTIRE squash WHOLE in the oven? Yep. And once you do, it is super soft and easy to cut through without a visit to the ER. Here’s how to do it AND a really yummy recipe to start you off on the right track. BONUS: No soupy, runny spaghetti squash. Let’s dig in.

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01 Mar
Jen Jaxon

I don’t like a lot of flowery prose when it comes to posting recipes. You came here for this, so you should get it and get on with your life. Often when I read other blogs with recipes all I can think is,

“For the love of GOD, I have shit to do. I am sure your chicken recipe origin story is amazing, Boo, but get on with it.”

I will say, this is one of my most favorite recipes ever, with one of the most versatile mustards you’ll ever use. I make dressing out of and all kind of marinades. Honey Cup mustard is amazing and can be found at most grocery stores and here on Amazon.

Whole Roasted Cauliflower 5b7bf47501560ef02a473003b6807723
01 Mar
Jen Jaxon

I used to HATE cauliflower. The good news is, I was just doing it wrong. I wasn’t seasoning it or cooking it correctly and now it is one of my most favorite GO TO dishes! Check out this recipe for roasting a WHOLE cauliflower at once. Then you can just slice it and eat or put it in a meal prep container as a main dish or a side veggie dish. Get those veggies in, but make them taste delicious too!

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie 300x300 96464f6f489cdfae99904f70cc335845
01 Mar
Jen Jaxon

I DO NOT love the cold. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you, it is my least favorite thing. I even have my own hashtag #JenIsGrumpyAllWinter.

BUT it is a great time to dust off those hearty recipes we love, give them a little make over and a lot of love to fix them up! They can still be both delicious and healthy.

Here is one of my favorites! Healthy Shepherd’s Pie from the Fixate Cookbook. So much better for you, still gives you that delicious and amazing home cooked flavor, but without all the garbage and with a TON of great vitamins and nutrients. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think!

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12 Feb
Jen Jaxon

Who doesn’t love a good MUFFIN? I am not strictly Gluten-Free in my meal plan, but with a large number of my family being Celiac, over time I have discovered the LESS gluten I eat, the better I feel. When I have a good recipe that isn’t super complicated, I tend to make it a lot and share it with everyone.

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