Naked Pea Protein
21 May
Jason Long

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I’ve also tried and tested nearly every single product out there. I came across this particular vegan pea protein source on a social media ad. Well let’s take a closer look at what Naked Nutrition has to offer.

Whole Roasted Cauliflower 5b7bf47501560ef02a473003b6807723
01 Mar
Jen Jaxon

I used to HATE cauliflower. The good news is, I was just doing it wrong. I wasn’t seasoning it or cooking it correctly and now it is one of my most favorite GO TO dishes! Check out this recipe for roasting a WHOLE cauliflower at once. Then you can just slice it and eat or put it in a meal prep container as a main dish or a side veggie dish. Get those veggies in, but make them taste delicious too!

Untitled 5fd4f825604fa41040bf931e0b0979a9
12 Feb
Jen Jaxon

Who doesn’t love a good MUFFIN? I am not strictly Gluten-Free in my meal plan, but with a large number of my family being Celiac, over time I have discovered the LESS gluten I eat, the better I feel. When I have a good recipe that isn’t super complicated, I tend to make it a lot and share it with everyone.

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