Dawn Greenwood
07 May
Jason Long

In my nearly 30 year career in the fitness and nutrition industry I’ve come across thousands and thousands of gym members and personal clients. I vowed may years ago that I would see each of those people exactly where they are in their own journey, and do my job to encourage them no matter what…

Keygan Miller
06 Apr
Jen Jaxon

If you need some motivation and inspiration, look no further! Keygan Miller is a FORCE to be reckoned with. Smart, funny and dedicated, Keygan not hitting their goals is inconceivable. Once Keygan sets their mind to something, then consider it done. They show up every single day and work so hard!

Kenny Roraback and Kevin kitth
16 Feb
Jason Long

Even when you work inside a gym facility, there’s always that handful of members you see every single day who bring you joy and put a huge smile on your face. So in a virtual fitness community, it’s incredible when you have members who can do that day in and day out over virtual space….

Paula Bowen e1612231821721
01 Feb
Jason Long

We are so excited to welcome our newest member, Paula Bowen of North Carolina. Paula has been with us through several challenges and hopped into a few classes before we started the CYL Virtual Gym, but decided once we got things rolling here that she would plant her feet firmly in our community. Mother of…

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