Best exercises and practices for knee pain

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Best exercises and practices for knee pain

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The knee is the biggest joint in the body. It is used every day when we walk, jump, run, dance, climb, etc.  As a result, it is very prone to injury and pain.  The best way to prevent pain and injury from building up in the joint is to strengthen the muscles around the joint.

This statement has been backed up by the Arthritis Foundation stating that exercise is the best option to treat osteoarthritis without surgery.  In addition, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons note that strong and flexible muscles can keep the knees healthy and prevent injury.

Several exercises can be done to strengthen the muscles involved in knee movement without putting stress on the joint itself.  These would include: Straight leg raises, hamstring curls, wall squats, calf raises, step-ups, and side leg raises.  Also, for cardio, don’t forget that swimming causes little to no tension on the joints, so you don’t have to worry about impact on your knees in the water.

There are, as well, other tactics you can use to reduce knee pain or the chances of suffering knee pain outside of exercise.  Be sure not to rest too much because excessive rest can deteriorate and weaken the muscles, making pain worse.  Using cushioned insoles in your shoes can also lighten pressure on your knee joints.  Plus, using an ice pack or bag of frozen peas on your knees helps numb the nerves and reduces swelling.

Taking any extra steps you can in day-to-day living helps get you out ahead of the knee pain and in more control of your freedom to move. Be sure to consult with any of the trainers here in the virtual gym if you need more assistance in keeping your knees pain-free, and your momentum unstoppable.


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