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First off, thank you for trusting us to help you build your career.  Building a family of trainers dedicated to helping our healthy community and willing to learn in this ever-changing online environment is our #1 goal.  And having you with us means everything!

Because we are so confident in this new venture to support and build your business, we are going to set up your entire business account, zoom access, business calendar and email, and your online scheduling system, plus Jason’s 90-Day Mentor Coaching Program and 3 FULL months to get your business up and running as our gift.  That’s a total value of $1,797 that we are gifting you to help you get started.  A simple $50 initiation fee is all that’s required to get your started.

So let’s get a few things out of the way, and then we can get you set up and your business off the ground!

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Please Review

Below you’ll find copies of our standard Independent Contract Trainers Agreement and an overview of our Trainer Compensation and PST Incentive/Bonus Plan for your review.  Make sure to read through these before completing your payment below.

Once you’ve completed your initial setup with future payment details, we’ll get started on your training where we’ll review this documents along with the Policies and Procedures Manual.  You’ll receive copies of all of these documents and forms in your Trainer’s Office.

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